Saturday, February 14, 2009

George meets the wilderness in the Yukon

Ed and Carol travelled to the Yukon to attend Ed’s son’s wedding. Chris and Amanda tied the knot near Whitehorse, YT on July 26, 2008. While on the trip I encouraged Carol and Ed to adopt a permanent travel companion, Yukon, the Husky. Here are Carol, Yukon and I posing with the Welcome to Whitehorse sign.

The wedding was held on the couple’s property in a new subdivision carved out of the wilderness. Chris and Amanda recently completed the house. Here I am posing with Hanes, their vintage Volkswagen camper. Hanes was part of the accommodation for wedding guests.

Carol and Ed rented a more current version of a camper. I thought I should check out the hook-ups before we settled in for the night.

Everyone lent a hand getting the site ready, as the reception was held in a double party tent.

The bride made granola for each of the wedding guests as a wedding favour. Here I am checking out the candies on the table the morning of the wedding. I claimed the quality control job making sure everything tasted great.

We had a beautiful day for the wedding after a week of grey skies. Everything went off without a hitch, other than running out of alcohol early and Carol having to make a booze run at 11pm into town to see if anyone was still open. After explaining the situation, a store that had just closed and staff was on their way out, reopened and allowed to party to restock. What is a wedding party without lots of beer flowing? (especially in the Yukon!)

I got a dance with the wedding couple, with Ed looking on and then settled back to watch the party go until after 3 am. The next morning the family all got together for a brunch. Some of us had been up later than others and were a bit worse for wear at the brunch. Of course Chris and Ed were still up to their old tricks. I was checking out the jams and jellies on the table.

After brunch we went for a tour around town. I thought I might like to stay in the Yukon and help with the local refreshment delivery.

But my escorts Carol and Ed said I should see the other places I was scheduled to go before deciding if I wanted to settle anywhere. So we all headed back and I continues on my adventures with my next escort.


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