Thursday, March 19, 2009

Salt Spring Island - July 08

Wow - I am so excited. I am on another adventure. This time I am off to Salt Spring Island which is in beautiful British Columbia.

Here I am on the plane with M in business class. I just LOVE to travel in business class.

Once we got off the plane we had to take another plane and then a ferry. As you can see, I LOVE to live dangerously and personally I can't see what the danger is here!!!

We arrived on Salt Spring and decided to stop at our favourite restaurant for lunch. It is called The Tree House and literally the restaurant is outside under a tree. Great if the weather is nice which is was. I love to eat as you know.

And here I am in a tree at the restaurant. I'm so happy to be in the trees again. It has been a long time, but thank goodness I don't live here. So uncivilized - no indoor plumbing!!!

We stopped at the toy store and I found a friend!! This is Anna holding me - keeping the friend under control.

I got to go tree climbing as well. Wow - I was pretty scared up there!! But I was in safe hands with M and Anna.

Then we went to this cool movie theatre to see WALL-E. It was very exciting and so cool in this theatre. It was a small little country theatre with flat seating, but I got my own seat and my own drink.

Next on my list of fun things to do was geocaching. We found several caches, but always behind someone else who was scooping all the travel bugs. Maybe later I will find some.

This one was cool because the cache was filled with books.

Here I am just taking a break in the sun while the girls play on the rocks. The scenery is just gorgeous.

Can you believe there was a cache hidden behind these rocks? And I found it!!!!

Here was another cache in the forest - all covered in moss, but I found it!!! Of course, Estelle, the GPS helped me a lot.

Salt Spring has a new bus and we decided on our way to market to take the bus rather than take the car since parking would be at a premium.

Hold me tight - I don't want to fall out!!!!

We spent some time looking for shells on the beach....

And climbing mountains......

There is a lot of varied terrain on this little island.

But all good things come to end and here I am waving good-bye to Salt Spring Island. Can't wait to come back next year.

When I got home, I couldn't wait to get a hot chocolate from Timmy's as there are NO Timmy's on Salt Spring Island.